Arden ASP Embossing System

Like so many ideas it seems that the most simple are also the most successful. With that in mind Arden Dies Ltd has developed the ASP Embossing System (Arden Switch Pin). Unlike more simplistic pin systems currently on the market the ASP system uses specific CAD designed pins which are individually CNC machined to offer an extremely quick, precise and effective method of transferring the embossing male force to the machine cutting plate.


  • Locating holes are accurately machined and reamed to ensure precise registration between male and female embossing components is achieved.
  • Accuracy and stability of the system negates any movement of the male during transfer ensuring precise fit of male to female embossing units.
  • Very quick and easy to use therefore reducing expensive machine make-ready times..
  • No contamination or necessity to clean grease from embossing tools after transfer.
  • Re-usable accurate and precise CNC machined system with consistent results.
  • Zero register pins dramatically reduce the need to move emboss tooling to fit print register, further improving make-ready times.
  • A proven system already in regular use with many of the industry‚Äôs major carton converters.

Operating Instructions

1. The emboss females are located to the embossing mounting blocks with x2 registration Zero pins to ensure that all embossing is located in position to the original artwork file
2. The male is simply located to the embossing female
3. ASP pins are located through the male and the female using the specially designed applicator (blank end)
4. Remove the double sided tape from the back of the male (double-sided tape applied as standard to all males with the ASP Embossing System)
5. Bringing to machine up to impression will transfer the male to the cutting plate
6. Using the applicator (threaded end), simply remove the ASP pins from the female and you are ready to run