Brass Hot Stamping Dies (3 dimensional)

Manufactured in the same way as the flat stamping tools, the image area of the die can be sculptured to any 3 dimensional shape you require, enabling the customer to emboss and foil in 1 pass.

As the dies are CNC machined, each tool will be consistent in all areas of relief and sculpturing, whether the tooling is for a single or multiple format.

These tools are ideally suited for formats such as HLB cigarette work, where conformity of the sculptured image area is critical from 1 unit to the other.

Combined with our fluted foil forces and spring-loaded registration pins, make-ready times are kept to a minimum, using this simple and effective system.

Brass Hot Stamping Dies (2 dimensional)

Used to transfer foil to the chosen substrate on a heated platen, these dies are precision machined using Arden Engraving's state of the art CNC engraving machines.

As the dies are machined, the relief depth is not constrained by conventional etching techniques and greater depth can be achieved in fine detail work to enable the reduction of the foil 'spreading' on the finished carton.