Rotary Foil and Embossing Dies (Steuer Foiljet)

Products Arden Engraving are now in a position to offer both hot foil stamp and blind emboss tooling for the Steuer Foiljet machine.

This tooling is a further extension to the full range of embossing and hot foil stamp tooling currently offered by Arden.

Drawing on our commitment to investment in technology Arden have extended its range of highly specified CNC machinery to ensure that we are able to offer this unique product to market.

Precision engraved from specifically formulated brass cylinders this tooling conforms to the specific needs of this high speed application and compliments the sophistication of the technology by delivering extremely accurate and precisely manufactured dies to ensure that only the finest foil blocked and embossed results are achieved.

Accompanied with specifically formulated resin male counters, Arden Engraving delivers the complete tooling package for this niche product.