Sending Graphics Files to Arden Engraving

CAD data and order instruction files can be sent to Arden Engraving by either post or email.

email :

From experience we have drafted the following as guidelines only - we would be happy to discuss your particular requirements. Our aim is to provide you with the best service and quality.

File Formats and Specifications

Our preferred file formats are:

.ai or .eps files (produced by or exported from Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, Corel Draw and others), .pdf files, Adobe Acrobat. .tiff file types can also be accepted although not preferred (ensure graphics/scans are of a high resolution, minimum 1200 dpi). Do not use LZW compression when saving files. When saving files in PC compatible format use the suitable PC file extension, such as: .ai .eps .tiff .pdf If your file contains embedded images, such as a scans or .tiff’s it can reduce lead times if these are already converted to vectors (lines & arcs). Always convert text to outlines by ‘expanding text’ in (Adobe Illustrator) or ‘Paths’ (Macromedia Freehand). This eliminates the need to send a font file along with your image file and therefore eliminates any possible dangers of font mismatching. Please delete all information not related to the manufacture of your engraving. If the data is part of a Tufnol Base with embossing attached or Thin Plate System (with hot foil dies), then a .cf2 file is required from the packaging CAD system.

Additional Information

Greyscale, 4 colour/RGB files are not suitable (1200dpi bitmap files only). Scaling of files & or artwork should be exact size unless clearly stated otherwise. Files should indicate right reading. If you would like us to match an existing embossed carton then a sample should be supplied (if available) especially for 3D sculptured embossing, or fluted foil dies. Obviously this is not applicable for new design orders.

Note – defective, unclear or poor artwork can lengthen lead times and incur additional origination costs.

The above are guidelines only and we would be happy to discuss your particular situation if required. Our aim to provide you with the best in Service and Quality.