Arden signs the C-19 Business Pledge

Posted on: Thursday, April 30th, 2020

The Arden Group has demonstrated our support to tackling the Covid-19 crisis by signing the C-19 Business Pledge.

The global campaign encourages businesses to join the Coronavirus relief effort by pledging to support their employees, customers and communities through the crisis.

More than 250 organisations representing almost three million employees and students have already signed up to the pledge.

The Arden Group is an integral part of the packaging supply chain, with many of our customers providing a frontline service in the Covid-19 response.

Martin Poynter, Managing Director at the Arden Group, said: “Businesses have a crucial role to play in the battle against the Coronavirus, so we’re proud to demonstrate our commitment to the cause by signing the C-19 Business Pledge.

“The Arden Group operates within the essential packaging sector, so it’s paramount that we work alongside our employees, customers and partners to help keep vital packaging supplies flowing during this challenging period.

“Across our Dies, Software and Engraving divisions, we have customers providing key services in the pharmaceutical and food production industries, so we will continue to do our bit to support those customers, our employees and the wider community through the crisis.”

The C-19 Business Pledge was launched by former Cabinet Minister Rt Hon Justine Greening and entrepreneur David Harrison and aims encourage businesses to demonstrate that they are a force for good by making a commitment to help tackle the Coronavirus in three areas: for their employees, their customers, and their communities.

Justine Greening said: “With the future of many employers hanging in the balance and incredibly tough times unfolding in sectors around the globe, businesses face many incredibly difficult decisions.

“But those organisations who are able to, can have a huge role in battling the impact of coronavirus and make a real difference in these uniquely challenging times.

“In spite of everything, lots of employers have already shown amazing initiative and commitment to helping people affected by Coronavirus. The C-19 Business Pledge is all about encouraging as many businesses as possible to get involved and then helping them do that faster and better by sharing all the great work that’s already been done.”

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