Arden Engraving unveils brand new product for luxury label market

Posted on: Tuesday, January 14th, 2020

Arden Engraving has unveiled an innovative new product for the luxury label industry.

As a leading manufacturer of complex tools and dies for the packaging and label sectors, we’re now proud to be the first in the UK to produce the tooling for 3D Microfoil in a rotary format.

Traditionally, 3D Microfoil designs are produced using flatbed tooling, but Arden Engraving has broken the mould to transfer the innovative tooling solution to a rotary format.

Sarah Poynter, operations manager at Arden Engraving, said: “After a series of successful trials using a range of label papers, we are very excited to announce that we’ll soon be bringing this innovative new product to the luxury label market for the first time.

“3D Microfoil creates a stunning finish and is incredibly popular with packaging designers who recognise the sense of quality this sort of embellishment can bring to a product, however until now it’s only been available on the flatbed format.

“We have more than 20 years’ experience providing high quality embossing and foil stamping tooling to the carton and label sectors, so we were confident we could recreate the 3D Microfoil innovation in the rotary format.

“This development will open up 3D Microfoiling to the luxury label market, such as cosmetics and beverages, and we are already seeing a lot of interest from designers who are excited to see their label designs brought to life in 3D.”

Trials are still underway to test the product, but we expect to release it to the market in the near future, so watch this space.

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Arden Engraving is the first manufacturer to produce the tooling for 3D Microfoil in the rotary format:

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